Residential Decking

Residential Decking For Bolton and the Surrounding Area


We, at Bolton Decking and Fencing, specialize in residential decking. Whether it is installation of a deck or maintenance and repairs of your existing structure, anywhere in Bolton Greater Manchester and surrounding areas, we are the specialists you want at your home.

Why Choose To Have a Deck created by Bolton Decking and Fencing

Installing a deck is not a small investment. Therefore, you will want to be sure that it is well worth it. Firstly, decks are one of the hottest trends in the residential market today. Adding a deck will definitely add value to your home and will likely be key in attracting more buyers whenever you decide to sell. Additionally, a deck adds considerable aesthetic value to your house. It also provides a lovely, comfortable outdoor option to lounge in with family, or to host parties and barbecues for friends, keeping your house interiors clean.

As a company that has been in the market for some time, and having focused on delivering value-for-money services to our customers, we can assure you that our professionals will make every effort to provide you with the most cost-effective, quality decking solutions in Bolton.


Types Of Decking We Offer

We recognize that different people have different requirements of their decks, which is why we offer a range of decking options.

  • Hardwood Decking

Hardwood has been a popular choice for decking due to its durability, low-maintenance and high fire-resistance.

  • Softwood Decking

Softwood is liked by many for being cost-effective, easy to work with and install, and for being sustainable.

  • Composite Decking

Composite Decking is gaining popularity as an alternative to wood. It is attractive to home-owners for its durability, for being stain and fade resistant, and for being friendly to the environment.

Why Choose Bolton Decking And Fencing

We have been providing residential decking to the people of Bolton and surrounding areas for a while and our experience ensures that we come to you with quality products at the best prices and with professionals, who have a profound understanding of their craft.

Whether it is installation or repairs, if you are uncertain of what it will cost, call us today and we will give you a free quote. We are here to ensure customer satisfaction of the highest level, and providing free quotes is just one way we try do so.

We offer custom deck installations and that means whatever your vision of what your deck should look like is the look we will endeavor to deliver down to the last minute detail.

At the end of the day, we know most people considering residential decking are home-owners. This means that they come to us not just with a job but with a picture in their mind of what their home should look like. Perhaps, the deck done in a certain way will complete the home they always envisioned for themselves. We, at Bolton Decking and Fencing, recognize this and accordingly commit ourselves to giving you a delightful, satisfying experience you won’t hesitate to recommend to others. So, go ahead! Call us and begin your journey with us with a free quote.